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Our Founder

Connie’s Angels Homecare Ltd in Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu was founded by Connie Paul in 2016. Connie is a medical doctor by profession in the Philippines. She decided not to pursue her medical career and, instead, studied and finished a postgraduate diploma in Health and Sciences major in Gerontology (study of the elderly) at the University of Auckland in November 2014.

Even though she is now based in New Zealand, Connie follows her Filipino culture of being respectful to the elderly. She provides quality care while bearing in mind the rights of elder people. She is culture-sensitive as she has provided care for people from various cultures in New Zealand.

She uses her medical profession to explain about her clients’ conditions and the medications they are taking. She can even be an advocate when discussing with the GP during consultation.

After gaining more than a decade’s worth of experience in healthcare, Connie started her own home health service company in February 2016. Her children already had their own families, so she thought it was about time she expresses her values about catering to clients with high needs.

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