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More Services for people in community!

We specialize in elderlies that need hoisting. We also provide services to people diagnosed with Dementia.

We have added the companion driving and preparing meals for elderlies who live alone or couples who are frail. We also added a de-cluttering service for people who need their rooms tidy and safe.   For inquiries, please email Connie.


A Care Service Provider That Truly Cares


Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare





Connie’s Angels Homecare Ltd in Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu is a boutique care service provider that offers consistent and personalized care to clients either with disability or elderly.  We offer an inimitable program that offers a combination of professional expertise and personally tailored solutions.





What Sets Us Apart





Unlike other commercial agencies that have lots of different carers, we aim to provide you with a caregiver who suits you. We take the time to truly understand your needs and find the best one based on skills, training, expertise and even personality.






Our Mission

Connie’s Angels Homecare Ltd aims to provide an excellent standard of care by promoting successful ageing in place. Whatever your condition or situation may be, we guarantee that we can pair you up with a caregiver who is best suited for you.

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